Business Challenges to Traditional Data Storage Infrastructure

In today’s constantly changing, technology-focused landscape, maintaining a competitive advantage requires agility and flexibility. However, traditional data storage infrastructure can be costly to purchase and maintain, maintain, and many industries are governed by strict regulations about how data must be stored and accessed. What prevents companies from achieving maximum return on technology investments are the costs associated with computing, massive data storage, outdated infrastructure, and overburdened resources. to modernize their infrastructure and optimize the total cost of technology ownership, organizations are using new ways. Also, cloud technology has matured to meet modern storage demands. Let’s take a look at what it is trying to achieve by overcoming the business challenge.

Reduce time-to-market (TTM): When virtualized, traditional infrastructure can improve TTM and agility by reducing physical server provisioning and landing times. However, environment management and application team efficiency remains challenging without the orchestration associated with a cloud solution.

Lower costs: Virtualization of traditional infrastructure can improve cost efficiency, but the automated orchestration is necessary to truly maximize hardware utilization by eliminating manual processes.

Improve resiliency and scalability: Traditional environments rely on the underlying infrastructure to provide application availability. They may not provide scaling and failover features, especially when faced with irregular load demand.

Running on a common infrastructure, traditional and software-defined infrastructure (SDI) solutions deliver new capabilities with cloud technologies—an approach that offers both agility and cost- effectiveness. But moving to cloud solutions, whether public, private, or hybrid, is an evolutional journey; each step brings higher value to the organization, including improved asset utilization, flexibility, and operational efficiency.

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