The Curious case of Cloud Solutions and Agility Across Industries

Businesses these days are focusing on running the workloads more efficiently and accelerating the delivery of solutions. In a cut-throat industry where there is no room for survival for the unfit, a variety of businesses with a wide range of needs are turning to cloud solutions, especially multi-cloud environments. Because cloud-aware applications are designed to be stateless, infrastructure and location independent, cloud solutions provide environment management and application team efficiencies to use software features to manage tasks without requiring teams to manually touch databases and application engines. This is what makes an organization agile in its functioning. Let’s take a look at how various industries are leveraging cloud solutions.

Automotive: To overcome outdated, legacy infrastructure, the Volkswagen Group used a private cloud solution. The solution allowed the resources that were previously locked into silos tobe pooled, shared, and accessed on-demand through self-service portals. It provided Volkswagen developer quick access to resources for faster innovation across business and consumer applications.

Financial: Owing to its rapidly changing business needs, Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) realized its legacy environment was slow to respond. Based on the industry-standard Intelarchitecture, CBA created an agile private enterprise cloud solution based on SDI, open source technologies, and continuous integration and delivery. It can now adopt new technology as it becomes available while maintaining security and stability.

Research: For genomic sequencing, Bioinformatics scientists need access to high-performance computing (HPC) environments. Similarly, astrophysicists engage machine learning to analyze proton collisions; and industrial designers construct and manipulate hundreds of compute- and storage-intensive 3D models during the development process. These and other organizations gain cost-effective alternatives to building on-premises infrastructure through hybrid cloud solutions.

Looking at the above examples, it is safe to say that the scalability of cloud solutions, as well as the option to use them only when they are needed, saves organizations time and money. This is the prime reason why more and more of them are stepping towards it.

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