Private Cloud Solutions are Driving the Organizations

Organizations today are moving to cloud-based solutions for their data storage and security needs. There are three cloud models which they can choose from – public, private, and hybrid, and many companies find that private clouds are best suited to their needs. Private cloud can be deployed on-premises which is called as enterprise private cloud or off-premises, known as virtual private cloud. They can be managed by the organization (DIY) or a third-party cloud service provider (fully managed).


Offering a wider range of solutions and services on demand, these fully managed private clouds can free up or extend the organization’s IT resources, a trait especially valuable for lean IT operations. Some of the business drivers and desired outcomes to deploy cloud-based solution include:

  • Reduce costs for purchase and maintenance of purpose-built traditional infrastructure.
  • Enable scalability to keep pace with current business and innovation demands.
  • Increase agility through interoperability and vendor choice.
  • Decrease time to market with faster, more reliable development lifecycles.
  • Meet security and compliance needs.

Private cloud solutions, while maintaining a higher level of control over their applications and data, allow businesses to take advantage of modern cloud computing benefits. By delivering resiliency and scalability the organization would not be able to achieve without replacing older infrastructure, managed private clouds can transform IT operations in several ways. IT can focus on improving responsiveness and SLAs, enabling shorter innovation cycles, time to market, and competitive advantage with a cloud service provider handling infrastructure deployment and management. In short, private clouds enable single-tenant network access to a shared pool of computing resources. These resources can be provisioned and released with minimal IT management and rapidly scale organizational capacity up or down on demand.

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