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Steps to a 5G Ready Cloud – Part 1 – Prepare the Organization for a Change

5G, in the future, has the potential to offer enhanced mobile broadband and enable a huge volume of the machine to machine communications, based on its ultra-reliable and low latency network. It is no doubt a transformative force to look forward to. But how to make sure you are ready for it? The essential 5-step process is: Prepare the organization for a change, create standalone virtualized network functions, enable scaling, enable full-service automation, and become digitally agile.

Prepare the organization for the change

Legacy architecture is often described as a burden or liability in the modern times. A legacy organization structure is a rare thing to hear and that too will prove to be restrictive when attempting to launch new cloud-based services, both in today’s network and in the 5G network. The business must be cloudified along with changing the network, and it must adopt the same lean and agile practices that have enabled over-the-top (OTT) service providers to innovate and win markets quickly.

The legacy network system had the following features:

  • Defined by custom solutions with limited capabilities, around which organizational silos were able to grow around specific skills and competencies.
  • Little need for many teams to communicate with each other.

To create CoSP cloud, organizations will have to do the following along with cross-functional work:

  • Acquire the knowledge to develop and deploy new network applications, if it is to meet the promise of discovering and delivering truly innovative new services.
  • Gain some domain expertise that was previously held by their supply chain.

Organizational change and training will require much learning “on the job” as the CoSP cloud evolves and will take its own time. The need for organizational change must be identified at the outset and it must be supported with strong leadership to make it happen.


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