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Using Virtual Reality for enterprise

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, this year had an unusual study.  Forrester analysts tested VR (Virtual Reality) experiences that could help enterprises to forge a road ahead for providing better customer experience. This is not the beginning, there have been companies who are already doing it, but the number is not too great still. There certainly need to be more studies and analysis VR and on what can mean to their business, as a customer connect tool.

Many big brands are planning ahead with products that would be ripe for market by the time the enterprises adopt VR in a big way as a part of their strategy for market.

According to Forrester, there are definitely new uses for virtual reality beyond gaming.  One definite use would be training for market facing teams, and there it will provide the best possible simulation for sales situations and challenges. In addition, it could also provide simulating environments for professional training to enhance skills in medicine and automotive verticals. In the real world, these trainings would require costly and complex arrangements which would face a huge challenge of physical inaccessibility at all times.

One significant point that experts across the globe agree on is that – VR will really take off as an enterprise technology only after we reach higher maturity levels in artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G Communications technologies. At that point, 5G’s high-speed, low-latency connections will ensure better image quality and also allow streaming VR. It could also be directed through a cloud instead of wires. With these advantages, the VR experiences that will be produced will add real value to whatever their use is, in enterprise technology.

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