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The Growing Impact of AI on Businesses

Organizations that have enabled AI at the enterprise level are increasing operational efficiency, making faster more informed decisions and innovating new products and services. However, challenges remain for those who aren’t deploying AI in this capacity. Enterprises that lack a clear AI strategy, support from the c-suite and a specific set of metrics, struggle to make progress.

A majority of businesses believe that AI will transform the workplace and that more jobs will be created than lost. As businesses deploy AI strategies, they’re increasingly aware of how the roles, responsibilities and skills of their talent are changing.  With AI taking a leading role on tackling organizations’ simple and repetitive tasks, the human workforce can focus more on complex work that ultimately provides a greater level of professional fulfilment to employees and a more efficient use of critical thinking power.”

The top three desired business outcomes from the application of AI, the answers were: to improve and/or develop new products and services; achieve cost efficiencies and streamlined business operations, and to accelerate decision-making. The biggest challenges to enterprise AI adoption is finding those with the right skills —followed by the problem of integrating AI insights into current processes. The organizations are measuring the value and impact of AI by focusing on piloting and learning and not defining specific business outcomes at this time.

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