What’s Holding Back Businesses from Adopting AI?

Artificial Intelligence is a booming technology and while many companies see it as a factor of their future success, not all of them have adopted it wholeheartedly. Rolling out AI on the organizational level is easier said than done. Let’s take a look at the factors holding them back.

Lack of Available Talent

Companies are facing a lack of available skills in AI. The lack of necessary staff skills is the top challenge for adopting AI in an organization. Though a lot of people are graduating in courses related to AI, the number of such people is limited. It’s easy to attract clients, but there is just not enough of them.

Getting stuck at proof of concept stage

Proof of concept stage takes a really strong sponsorship within an organization, and realistically it needs to come from top to down. Often the projects are driven by a CTO organization or some small department that’s experimenting. They’ve proved it out but they didn’t get any of the business along on the journey.

Not Enough Regulations

European Union regulators are beginning to consider AI and China’s relative lack of regulation is allowing innovation to blossom. But, the needed discussion by the government is not happening in Australia.

Data Veracity

To train their AI solutions, organizations and Governments all around the globe need to invest in cleansing and curating their data to the quality needed. They must also ensure data is continually updated and models retrained as products, markets and services change. Doing this ensures trained models will continue to reflect the current circumstances, in the same way people continually learn through new experiences.

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