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An Enterprise’s Struggle with Hybrid Cloud and DevOps

Organizations that implement DevOps, cloud, containers, and microservices are often taken aback when the outcomes don’t match their expectations. Sponsored by hybrid cloud management platform provider Embotics and conducted by Ponemon Institute, a recent survey revealed that 74% of the 600 survey respondents who are responsible for cloud management believe DevOps enablement capabilities are essential, very important, or important for their organization. However, a mere one-third believe their organization has the ability to deliver those capabilities.

One of the biggest reasons why cloud implementations are more costly and are less effective than they could be is Shadow IT. Companies develop silos where different groups of people have different tools that aren’t necessarily compatible. A lot of organizations think a cloud platform tool is fungible whether you buy it from Vendor A, B, or C and you’re going to get the same outcome, but that’s not true at all.

Forty-six percent of survey respondents said their organizations’ consumption model is “cloud direct,” meaning that end users are bypassing IT and cloud management technologies. Instead, they’re communicating directly with clouds such as AWS or Microsoft Azure via native APIs or their own public cloud accounts.

The patchwork model of cloud adoption results in complex environments that provide little visibility and are difficult to manage. In fact, 70% of survey participants said they have no visibility into the purpose or ownership of the virtual machines in their cloud environment.

The lack of visibility and control expose an enterprise to several risks including negligence and cyberattacks that are “a perfect storm” for bad actors. Fifty-seven percent of survey participants believe users are increasing business risk by violating policies about where digital assets can reside.

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