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IT’s Commitment to an Organization as a Whole

IT’s commitment to the success of its every department is important for its success. This might seem like something the CIOs are already doing. IT leaders are committed to their customers’ success, and by customers they mean the internal departments and lines of business that use IT products and services, including paying for those services via an internal chargeback system. However, the new-age IT leaders have gone beyond this model.

First things first, they make sure to spend time with their company’s external customers, with many spending 25 percent of their time meeting with external customers. For e.g., if you talk to salespeople but never go on a sales call, you won’t see the challenges from their perspective.

Many tech leaders these days are also sceptical about chargeback systems. IT budget models have evolved in an attempt to capture the true cost of running the business and those costs often get allocated back into the business as part of the run portion for a function. The result can be a friction resulting in ‘shadow IT’ under the premise that things can be done better, cheaper, faster than if held in a central IT function. This results in short-term satisfaction and long-term unintended negative business impacts.

The key to success is to understand the specific goals of a given organization, which vary depending on circumstances. Once you know your company’s objectives, don’t expect them to stay the same, it literally changes quarter over quarter, depending on the challenges. The IT leader should be ready to take the initiative. IT leaders who want to be digital enablers have to have an entrepreneurial mindset. You have to constantly reinvent yourself and always have to have that fire in your belly.

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