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How Important is AI in Healthcare

The idea of transforming the global economy into a digital economy started out as an idea with potential and has now turned out to be a powerful force that has disrupted all industries across the globe. Companies across the world are now using and becoming familiar with the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in their digital transformation processes, as it has proven to have great potential for growth. The dependence of digital transformation on AI can help companies accelerate their digitization processes and hence given utmost importance. Artificial Intelligence is waiting, in unsuspicious serenity, to pounce at us as the next disruptive technology.

Artificial Intelligence makes healthcare systems more productive and there are several examples and several ways through which the healthcare industry is exploiting the technology to make their digitization processes quicker, and at the same time, bring faster results.Scanning of medical reports and pharmaceutical documents are all that come at the top of our mind when one thinks of AI in digitization. However, digitization of healthcare is so much more than that. It includes designing digital tools like Babylon and GP at Hand, which take all elements of a mental health professional, convert it to an app in your phone, and offer just as effective results.

Incorporating AI in the digital transformation of the healthcare industry can resolve a patient’s critical questions of privacy when it comes to their physical or mental health data since it has access to a wide range of medical practitioners and top-notch encryption techniques. Not just that, AI has shown to enable preventive medicine as well. AI-powered health apps enable healthcare providers to dramatically accelerate the shift toward personalized preventive medicine.

In short, AI makes healthcare superhuman and more trustworthy.

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