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How Marketers Are Using IoT

It is estimated there will be over 30 billion IoT devices by 2020. It’s important to take note of which trends could affect your business with the rising popularity of the Internet of Things (IoT) across industries.

From retail to healthcare, IoT has affected every industry. Marketers have to stay informed on the upcoming trends to know which ones can help them achieve sustainable, long-term growth, and which ones are more hype than substance. In 2018, there was an increase in connected devices used in marketing campaigns. As more products hit the market and IoT shifted to mobile-first, marketers have begun testing different opportunities to advertise using smart devices.

This year saw early adopters successfully integrate IoT into their marketing campaigns. Diageo, a leader in the alcohol industry, created an IoT campaign by embedding a QR code onto their whisky bottles for Father’s Day 2012.When a bottle of whisky was received, fathers could scan the QR code to receive a personalized message from their son or daughter – how cool is that?

India is not far behind in the race. Allen Solly, a clothing giant used IoT to connect social media hashtags with an interactive billboard. A user had a chance to win a shirt off the billboard when he/she tweeted #RainingSolly.

Not just campaigns, IoT gives companies a chance to create more marketable products as well. General Motors used IoT to create a marketplace in their new cars, thus enabling, for instance, drivers to order Starbucks coffee straight from the car’s dashboard. Meanwhile, Uber and Spotify have teamed up to create a more enjoyable and cohesive experience for their riders.

As IoT grows into the mobile space, we’re going to see consumer behaviour change. Soon, consumers will expect a supplementary IoT experience from their favourite brands, such as in-store personalized discounts. To deepen your customer’s loyalty to your brand as IoT becomes increasingly popular, you’ll want to make sure your business is able to offer IoT solutions or integrations.

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