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IT Issues Less Talked About – Part 2

As IT industry continues to grow, so are the concerns for CIOs. Additionally, the old ones are on standby too. Outsourcing risks and pitfalls of cloud transition are two of them. With the rapid shift in technologies and hot skills, it becomes important to upgrade the legacy systems to cloud, and it comes with its own set of concerns.

Many organizations seek outside help owing to the skills gap, but these sometimes-necessary solutions can lead to concerns with reliability and security.The quality of the deliverable is sometimes at the mercy of the firm you outsourced your work to. Outsourcing opens up security threats that are well known in addition to quality concerns. The specific threats for CIOs that should be top of mind are the insider and the contractor until we move away from passwords for credentials, humans will continue to be the biggest threat.

A potential risk is viewing the cloud as a single, public entity also, as more data and services are offloaded to the cloud.IT needs to also look at a private cloud and/or multi-cloud solutions as they evaluate what’s best for the business and needs to ascertain which apps should go to which cloud. This ensures choice and avoids single-vendor lock-in. IT. More horsepower is needed at the edge with the rise of IoT, so IT needs to expand their options for the cloud.Organizations must define security controls to safeguard their data in the cloud. Many organizations don’t apply these standards and automatically assume the hosting company is providing all the safeguards they require.

Keep watching this space for more such IT issues faced by the leadership and CIOs in their routine functioning.

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