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Workplace Flexibility is a Hot IT Hiring Trend

As far as hiring in IT is considered, we saw a number of shifts in 2018. By blending full-time IT staff with contract work, new trends are emerging and companies are also working to cut costs. However, recruiting top talent is still difficult for most firms, and demand greatly outstrips supply. That’s influencing many of the areas we looked at, including compensation and retention.

According to a number of experts and studies that weigh in on what job candidates want, workplace flexibility is on the rise even for companies that want their staff based at HQ full time. Being able to work from a coffee shop, from home, or carving out a day or two as part of a longer vacation is increasing. Companies need a combination of in-office workplaces and flexible remote work options.

In IT as well as across other job functions, workplace flexibility is becoming a major trend for the tech industry with an aim is to achieve a greater work-life balance which can help with retention and stems burnout.

While workplace flexibility is on the rise, fully remote work situations aren’t nearly as common. Big companies like IBM, Yahoo, Reddit and HP have pulled workers back to the office unless certain workers had a specific need to work remotely full time. When it comes to IT hiring, we’re seeing a trend toward building teams of 100 percent on-site, full-time employees. Software companies are focusing on building out teams to address the varied technical and product needs they have. A key element to a high-performing team is building trust, which comes most easily from working together, in close proximity, day in, day out.

However, there needs to be a balance within the workplace flexibility. Leaders had physical evidence of who was engaged and disengaged based on who showed up when, observing what was on people’s screens, and other visual cues in the traditional office environment. The real challenge for companies is more about how you they foster engagement regardless of where they get work done.

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