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Flexible Staffing Takes a Rise and Gig Economy Slows Down

As far as hiring in IT is considered, we saw a number of shifts in 2018. By blending full-time IT staff with contract work, new trends are emerging and companies are also working to cut costs. However, recruiting top talent is still difficult for most firms, and demand greatly outstrips supply. That’s influencing many of the areas we looked at, including compensation and retention.

Blended IT groups offer a standard baseline of full-time staff, with the option to add contractors as needed. Teams of full-time IT staff and contractors or temporary workers could undergo a digital transformation in the near future, according to CompTIA’s 2017 Cyberstates report. As per the report, new elements are poised to reshape the concept of the blended workforce. “Beyond the blending of different types of workers through ‘gig’ platforms, blending may increasingly involve the use of artificial intelligence, bots, virtual assistants, and other types of knowledge-based systems.”

On the other hand, the gig economy is going through an awkward phase. It continues to disrupt the notion of traditional business models and the industry as a whole. However, for all the benefits in ease of hiring, speed and scale, there are some sobering realities of the challenges and downsides of the gig economy that are also surfacing, like the lack of benefits and career growth, and some less-obvious problems.

Companies built on the gig economy model have to now deal with the challenges like the continual on boarding of new contractors, scheduling logistics, and inconsistency in either availability or quality. The jury is still out around the initial hype of whether the gig economy will take over or be applied to all kinds of industries, roles, and jobs.

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