Upskilling versus Outsourcing: What’s Hot?

As far as hiring in IT is considered, we saw a number of shifts in 2018. By blending full-time IT staff with contract work, new trends are emerging and companies are also working to cut costs. At present, organizations are preferring upskilling as opposed to age-old trend of hiring from outside of the company or outsourcing.

Job candidates these days are of the opinion that one of the most desirable job benefits is the ability to pursue professional development on company time. As per a report by the Execu Search Group, the chance for professional development is the No. 1 reason to accept a job. The respondents said that “access to projects to help keep their skills up-to-date” would help retain employees at their current jobs. While the employees want to feel the company is investing in them now, they also want to feel the company is investing in their future. Offering continuing education or professional courses are very important as they stay with the employee even if the employee leaves the company.

Despite the increasing demand, the skills gap isn’t going away soon whereas positions in security and data science are increasingly getting difficult to fill. For analytics-enabled roles, employers typically require three to five years of job experience and a college degree, according to Price water house Coopers. But the pool of people with the education, interest, and experience can be tight relative to demand. Hence, it is good to think of several strategies that could get you the talent you want. Use of competitions like hackathons is a good idea to uncover talent and develop versatility in existing hires.

According to advice from a Gartner report, versatilists are the equivalent of multifaceted actors in a theatrical repertory company, they play different roles in multiple productions at once, bringing superior performance to each production regardless of whether they play a lead, supporting or backstage roles.

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