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Episode 118: Password Management Remains an Issue — What’s Next?

Since the dawn of digital authentication, users have been known to recycle passwords across accounts without a second thought. As more accounts requiring passwords have come about, and as password requirements became more stringent, it was too difficult to remember them all. So, we stuck with what we knew and changed them only when required. Biometric authentication seems like an obvious choice to replace passwords. According to the Open VPN study, 77% of employees trust biometric passwords, and 62% believe they are stronger than traditional alphanumeric codes. But barely more than half will use biometrics as their availability increases.

Companies are offering password-free authentication options, such as the Universal Second Factor (U2F) security key or smartphone applications that use dynamic authentication options. While IT and security professionals embrace these password-free options, it remains to be seen when and whether the average user will make the switch.

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