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Top Security and Risk Management Trends for 2019 – Part 2

It’s a known fact that advancements in technologies have had a great impetus on human lives. Gartner has identified seven emerging security and risk management trends that will impact privacy, security and risk leaders in the longer term. These trends are ongoing strategic shifts in the security ecosystem which although not yet widely recognized, are expected to have broad industry impact and significant potential for disruption. As per the leaders of the research firm, external factors and security-specific threats are converging to influence the overall security and risk landscape. Hence leaders in the space must properly prepare to improve resilience and support business objectives.  

Data Security Governance Frameworks will Prioritize Data Security Investments

Data security is a complex issue. It cannot be solved without a strong understanding of the data itself, the context in which the data is created and used, and how it is subject to regulation. Leading organizations are starting to address data security through a data security governance framework (DSGF) rather than acquiring data protection products and trying to adapt them to suit the business need. DSGF provides a data-centric blueprint that identifies and classifies data assets and defines data security policies and is then used to select technologies to minimize risk. Rather than acquiring technology first, the key to addressing data security is to start from the business risk it addresses.

Passwordless Authentication Is Achieving Market Traction

Passwordless authentication (for instance, Touch ID on smartphones) is starting to achieve real market traction. There is ample supply and demand for this technology and is being increasingly deployed in enterprise applications for consumers and employees. Passwordless methods that associate users to their devices offer increased security and usability in an effort to combat hackers who target passwords to access cloud-based applications, which is a rare win/win for security.

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