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Key Shifts to Transformation – Part 1

In 2018, the chief information officer of Bupa – the international health care group, Sami Yalavac increased staff engagement by 51 per cent and increased its net promoter score (a measurement of employee loyalty) by 50 points during the healthcare giant’s tech transformation. There were 5 key shifts that that allowed this to happen according to Yalavac. To implement the 5 shifts below, the way members of the IT group thought about what their roles had to be turned upside down, changing focus from just running technology to business engagement, consulting, brokerage and orchestration.  

The 5 key shifts according to BUPA are as follows:

Key shift 1: True customer-centricity

IT must not think just about the technology it is implementing but also consider the experience it is creating for its clients. Every person irrespective of their role must be focused on how they are contributing to customer outcomes. The IT organization’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and key success factors (KSF) must be aligned with the experiences being created for the clients and we must provide visibility to our stakeholders on how we define success. In order to achieve this, we must realize that our role is part of the business and not to service the business.

Key shift 2: Pro-active business engagement with frontier thinking

IT is no longer an enabler, technology is now the DOER! IT’s job and responsibility is to understand the business and customer needs. IT should deliver thought leadership and we must develop our team’s capabilities to take on this role, it can no longer just be a messenger and must take on end to end accountability.

In addition, it is IT’s responsibility to constructively challenge any assumptions or suggestions that we see from a different standpoint due to our expertise and insights as part of our relationship with the rest of the enterprise. We must take the leadership role in developing how IT and the business engage together.

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