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India’s first and one-of-a-kind news capsule, CXOTV.news exclusively provides insights on role of technology in all kind of businesses with relevant reports and information to you in quick video bytes. It’s a roundup of the week’s headlines delivered to you in crisp bytes for corporate leaders on the move CXOTV.news will be the weekly intelligence report that you are looking for. Completely news driven, this webcast highlights important trends and newsworthy events in the corporate world. CXOTV.news provides information that is bound to better your business.

  • CXOTV.news is India’s first daily news webchannel for corporate decision makers.
  • CXOTV.news has 1,50,000 viewers and can be downloaded or streamed on any smart phone, tablet or computer.
  • CXOTV.news produces daily webisodes on subject matters relevant to better your business & covers current news on international and national events, exhibitions & conventions, interviews with C Level Executives & Experts.

CXOTV.news is a part of Techplus Publication. Techplus Media, have been on the forefront of benchmarking innovations and excellence in solutions support and service for over a decade now. Working with new entrants, established brands, and association that support and mentor them, we have created our own world of
successes in the industry. Over these years we have tried to give complete media exposure and support to many brands and in the process have had an opportunity to observe the workings of the industry very closely

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